Deck care, when well managed, saves a lot of time and effort. Here we review the easiest, most practical steps to keeping your deck in great shape.


To start, it is important to apply a coat of DECK SHIELD PRO (to purchase this product click here) while your deck is clean and new. This can be done using a garden sprayer or a brush. By applying this protective coating, you ensure that your deck remains dry and well-protected during the first 12 months as it weathers in. This helps prevent excessive swelling or contraction and inhibits any cupping or warping of the boards.

If you're working with a contractor, they can apply the sealer upon completing the project.After 12 months the Deck shield will be wearing out and will have done its job. Now is the time to give your deck some real long term protection. This step is the key to easy long term deck maintenance.

Once the initial 12-month period has passed, it's time to focus on providing your deck with long-term protection. This step is crucial for easy maintenance in the future. Start by applying a bio cleaner and brightener to kill any algae and restore a clean and fresh appearance to your deck.

DECK CLEAN PRO (to purchase this product click here) combines all three necessary ingredients in one product. Keep in mind that this product is designed for professional use, so it's important to follow the instructions carefully. Remember to wear a mask and gloves, and apply a liberal coat using a stiff brush. Avoid spraying the product and rinse well with a low-pressure washer at around 80-100 psi after use.

Once the deck is completely dry, take the time to sand any patches of furring (a slightly raised furry texture caused by the cleaning process) and address any damages. Make sure to sweep the deck thoroughly. These steps will prepare the deck for the next stage in 'how to clean and maintain a deck', which involves applying a coat of oil.

Rich colours and tints in 19 wonderful shades, make the best deck and timber oils around. Shades from Clear to black with wonderful tones of Pecan, cedar and Chocolate

A single coat penetrating deck oil is ideal for treating, protecting and nourishing your deck (for more information on why please check out 'Why use a Penetrating deck oil?'). In this regard, we recommend Expert Stain and Seal's range of single coat application, ultra low VOC, penetrating oils. These oils sink deep into the wood and offer long-lasting protection.

There are 3 levels of protection depending on the age and use of your deck:


These stains contain lower pigments and are ideal for the first five years of your deck's life. We recommend that a deck is re-coated with transparent oils every 18 months or so. Available in colours like Natural, Clear, Cedar and Honey (for our full range click here).

Semi transparent wood stains

Offering a mid-level of pigmentation, these stains provide enhanced protection and a deeper color as time fades the natural beauty of the wood. They are ideal for decks in years 5 to 8 of their lifespan. Recoating with transparent oils every 24-30 months is advised. A great example of this is our Pecan tone (for our full range click here).

Semi Solid wood stains:

These stains are specifically designed for older decks (8 years or more) with their rich trans oxide pigments. They are available in a stunning array of colours. For more product information click here or have a look at our suppliers at Expert Wood Care.


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